I'm just finishing up C.C. Chapman's book, "Amazing Things Will Happen." If you haven't heard about this book yet, you need to check it out. It's basically the "Oh, The Places You'll Go," of the adult world.

It's all about taking little steps to follow your goals and ambitions in life, while being realistic in your approach. As I was reading, I noticed a common theme in Chapman's writing: how often he tells you to stop saying "I can't because..."

A lot of people make excuses as to why they can't do things. Sure, some excuses are valid, but many aren't. Saying you don't have enough time to pursue your dreams is foolish, because some of the world's greatest contributors had the same 24 hours each day that you have right now.

Don't have the training or education to follow your passion? That's complete rubbish, too. With the use of technology, our world that was once so vast is quickly shrinking down, making things that were at one time completely unattainable, now accessible to the masses.

For example, you can take free college courses in subjects ranging from marketing, to songwriting to quantum physics through Coursera.org. Don't believe me? Just check out their selection.

Have a few bucks to put toward an education, but can't find a school around you that offers what you're looking to do? That's not an excuse, either. There are plenty of credible online schools that offer degrees and single classes through online programs. When you graduate, many schools don't notate that you did an online program versus the traditional method. And plus, what would it matter if it did? You completed it, and now you need to be able to showcase yourself as a package, not just as a person carrying a degree.

That brings me to my next point. If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, "I paid all of this money for a degree that I can't even use," I'd be living in Malibu in a gorgeous beachside house, sipping something pink and wondering why my pedicure lady hasn't shown up yet.

What are you talking about? That money that you spent on that degree taught you to think analytically, and to solve problems in ways that are much more efficient compared to what someone with a high school degree could do. 

That degree taught you to think deeply, and to know that the world is so much bigger than what you're taking in with your two eyes right now. It taught you that people have accomplished great things, and you know this because you've studied their works. It has, at times, inspired you. Other times, it has broken down what you thought to be true. It humbled you, and it also made you confident.

It taught you to follow directions, and it showed you the meaning of a deadline. It brought you hope that you could accomplish something through hard work, and it showed you just what happened if you decided not to put effort into a project. It taught you work ethic, and it rounded out your values.

It doesn't matter what your degree was in, any degree did this, whether you believe it or not.

After you graduate, it's not a potential employer's job to "find the best" in you as a job applicant. It's your job to show them the best. If you think walking into an interview with nothing in your hand and having done zero research on the company and/or the duties of the position you're applying for is your best, you're more than likely going to be disappointed with the outcome. I'm sorry, but no, your resume and job application do not "speak for themselves." Speak for yourself right there and then, or forever wonder "what if."

The go-getters in this world got their reputation because they took on more than they thought they could, and they put 100% into everything they have done, are doing and will accomplish in the future. They were sick of the ordinary, sick of being completely comfortable all the time. They graciously accepted the challenge, and they gave no excuse when they messed up. They learned from it, and they moved on to bigger, better challenges that got them farther in life.

Moral of the story, your excuses are holding you back. That's right, the things that you make up so that you can avoid the hard work, the sacrifice, the heartache and the never-ending feeling of doubt while working toward something huge. 

It's not people in your life, not those who are interviewing you for a job, a mortgage, your next gig, or whatever it may be. Those people have no control over what you can achieve. If you want it badly enough, you'll find an alternative to someone else's rejection, not an excuse that you created.



Chelle Frost
01/06/2013 1:04pm

The only things in life that a person "can't" achieve are those they have chose not to. Love this post. Very well put, Lisa.

01/06/2013 1:36pm

Great post! Couldn't agree more. In an ever increasingly social era there's more talk than ever, but it's all about the rubber meeting the road and making something happen. Opportunity isn't delivered, it's created.

05/05/2013 10:47pm

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05/15/2013 9:33am

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03/08/2014 3:52am

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03/08/2014 3:52am

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03/29/2014 1:45am

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