You're looking at that job description and it seems pretty hefty...and pretty awesome. It's exactly what you want to do. You've checked each requirement down the list and you're a perfect match until...

5-7 years experience.

Is this an opportunity killer? You have, at most, two years of experience, or maybe just over one. How are you suppose to compete with others applying for this job that have that time in the industry?

Get your gloves on, kid. It's about to be a fight and you're not knocked out of it yet.

When you walk into the HR department of your newest to-be employer, you're walking into not only a professional interview, but a personality interview. You'll need to convince the person that those 5-7 years that you don't have under your belt yet pale in comparison to your energy and what you can bring to the table.

Here are three tips to give employers the  passion-filled punch that leaves them wanting much, much more:

1.) Make sure this is the job for you.
True passion and excitement about a position can't be faked. And worse yet, it is so easy for an employer to sniff out fake excitement when you do try to act it out. Make sure that this position is everything you want before you go in so you don't waste your time or theirs.

2.) Don't doubt yourself.
Interviewing for a position where you may not have all of the requirements that they need means that you'll have to make up for it elsewhere. Many employers say that having a "can-do" attitude with an inspirational spirit can trump any arbitrary number for years of experience required.

3.) Go above and beyond.
You're going up against people who have real-life experience. I don't want to downplay that. At the same time, I'm telling you that during a hire, that is not all that matters. I'm also telling you that if you're passionate and want it, you're going to have to work for it. Get together everything you can that relates to the position at hand. Maybe you have some hard sales numbers that show your ability to affect the bottom line, maybe you have proof that you  turned around a team's attitude in just a few months by implementing a new management style. Whatever it may be, show it with graphs, charts, words,  just something that you can leave behind for the employer to review later.

Another way to really leave an impression is to create a slide show or video to showcase exactly what you can do, your creativity, and encapsulate how badly you want the position. A few companies can help you out with this by allowing you to creating rocking presentations and host them online for free. Check out either SlideRocket.com or Prezi.com to get started.



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