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This past week, I was at People Report's Summer Brand Camp. For those of you who have never heard of this, it is pretty much the most spectacular social business conference known to man. You may think I'm just saying that to say it, but it really is amazing.

The event brings in great speakers from all over who touched on topics like creating amazing culture in the workplace, social media's ever evolving existence in the marketplace and how to find the motivation to get what you want out of life.

One of the speakers, Simon T. Bailey, resonated with me unlike any speaker ever has before. He is an ex-Disney sales director who wanted more for his life other than the magic of that company, which he admits was fantastic while he was there. He eventually left Disney to work on his own company, the Brilliance Institute, which aims to help those stuck in life and/or the corporate world find their way. He helps them "shift" into the life they have always imagined but, for whatever reason, couldn't get to themselves.

No, he's not advocating that we all just get up and leave our jobs. What he's saying is that we need to be the best wherever we are, and if we can't be the best at the place we currently are employed at, it's time to start looking elsewhere.

His points during his speech couldn't have hit more close to home with me. I love my job, and I love what I do for a living. But I have so many friends who don't share the same passion to get up every day and go to work as I do. They don't get the rush when something big happens in the company, nor do they feel like they had a part in the small everyday successes.

I guess you can say I'm spoiled because I work for a smaller sized company,so I feel every decision I make, and I feel it all equally. Nothing is too small to go unnoticed. I like it that way.  So, what is stopping other people from going out and doing something that fills them with the same passion that I have?


I don't care how many hours you work, or how long of a day you've had. If you don't have one part of your day where you get to do something that absolutely thrills you, you aren't living.

If your day job isn't what you had hoped for, start the search for something that is. I give you permission to. Everyone gives you permission to. It's too short of a life to be stuck in a cubicle sitting next to your unchosen best friend, misery.

If you've always dreamed of having your own business, find the time to get it running. Start working on it at night. Set a schedule for  yourself. Maybe you work 8-5:30 at your day job. If you don't miss a minute of that day, don't miss a minute of the schedule you set for your own venture, either. If you do put off your own time you're putting into your own creation, you're telling yourself you have more respect for your boss than you do for yourself. And that isn't the case, right? Be your own biggest fan. 

If you told yourself each night that you would work from 7-8:30 either creating your new life, or searching for your next big gig that will fulfill you, do that until you've completed it. "Get in" five minutes early, and leave five minutes late. You'll be surprised how quickly it'll become a habit.

And don't worry - you're not alone. I'll be right there with you, typing away on this blog. I've promised myself for years to have more of a presence online. I've started blogs, then allowed life to get in the way and have failed to update them time and time again, and so the vicious cycle continued with each new one that I launched. However, this time is different.

Let's meet up below, and tell me what your promise is to the most important person in your world: yourself.



06/09/2012 2:05pm

GREAT post Lisa! You are correct we have to do what thrills and excites us! Passion is one strong emotion that often people forget they even have!

06/09/2012 2:07pm

It's so true! I feel like we all too often put ourselves on the back-burner. It's not the way to live if you want to be happy. Time for a change!

06/10/2012 10:48am

I promise to do everything in my power to get to Nashville :)

01/18/2013 2:32am

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04/04/2013 10:42pm

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05/08/2013 9:21am

GREAT post Lisa! You are correct we have to do what thrills and excites us! Passion is one strong emotion that often people forget they even have! thanks

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