This cat finds your Twitter habits annoying.
Megan, Katie, Shannon, Melissa, Sarah, Jane, Mo, Carol, Dan, John, John II, John III, Michael, David, Carol II, Kyle, Kevin. #FF.

What the...what is this?! Am I now suppose feel intrigued enough to want to follow all of these people? Some of these people? One of these people? Is it only to give them recognition? Congratulate them on a job well done tweeting this week even though I have no idea who they are or what they tweet about?

I'm confused.

And rightfully so, I believe. I understand, and support, the concept behind Follow Friday. It helps you identify great tweeters by the recommendation of people you are currently follow. The whole birds of a feathers thing. I totally get it. I'm on board.

But when you're telling me to follow 15 people with no explanation why, I'm going to start having trust issues. Mainly with you. And your recommendation. And I'm going to assume you basically picked 15 people to promote out of a hat. Or maybe you threw darts at your Twitter feed - that'd be cooler, at least.

Bottom line is, you are bastardizing #FF and I've had it.

How can a mass follow request be sincere in the least? I totally get that you may be choosing to feature the best of the best out of your Twitter connections that week, but why? Why should I follow Carol II and not Carol III, who was not mentioned?

Now I'm not completely bitter about #FF.

You know what I love? Individual Follow Friday recommendations. When someone tells me why I should follow someone. For example, if you tell me "Follow Carol II because she shares the most awesome digital marketing content - how does she find it?!" I'm much more inclined to do so, and also see you as an awesome connector and networker. +10 points for you in my mind, and the minds of those who are reading your tweets. If you're going to send out a #FF filled with 90 people, I'm much more inclined to find you annoying and want to unfollow you.

A mass Follow Friday provides no value to any of your followers except the small ego boost to those you list when they check out their at replies. But even that fades after they see the other 20 #FF tweets you've sent out listing other tweeters in mass succession, therefore covering your entire following list.

Other than that, your #FF is as empty as the calories in liquor. May be awesome going down, but not so cool the next morning.

The take away from this rant? So many people in a #FF that you can barely fit the tag: bad. So much information about your #FF tweeter of choice in a tweet that you can barely fit the tag: good!



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01/11/2013 2:36am

I totally agree with this. It makes me so cross every week! #ff is supposed to be like introducing you to a friend. Surely you wouldn't just walk your friend into a circle of people and dump them there with no reason why??? (rant over)

01/11/2013 2:48am

The one thing that annoys me as much as this nondescript list of people is the retweets of #FF mentions. Firstly it's showing off and secondly, those who retweet themselves in a long list of names just to say "ta" because it's the only word that will fit into the remaining character limit are the equivalent to nails on a blackboard to me!

Loving "The Rose Diaries" analogy of friend dumping too!

02/02/2013 1:48am

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09/24/2013 10:50pm

And officially so, I consider. I understand, and support, the idea behind go behind Friday. It helps you identify great tweeters by the recommendation of people you are currently followed. The complete natural planet of a fine hair obsession. I totally get it. I'm on board


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